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Dubai pictographic scratch off map

Dubai pictographic scratch off map

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This map is a unique souvenir product that’s perfect for travel enthusiasts and admirers of Dubai. This map is intricately illustrated, showcasing Dubai’s most famous landmarks through a series of icons.

The map is covered with a silver-colored foil that you can simply scratch off, like a lottery ticket, revealing a detailed map of a specific area. This type of map provides a great opportunity to mark where you’ve been.

When you scratch off the foil from a certain area, you’ll reveal vibrant colors and details underneath, creating a personalized and interactive map of Dubai that will serve as a perfect reminder of your travels.

This map is not only a practical souvenir but also a stylish decorative item that will add a sophisticated touch to your home or office. Whether you’re planning a trip to Dubai or reminiscing about previous adventures, the “Dubai Scratch-Off Map with Icons” is a perfect way to experience and celebrate the beauty of this amazing city.


Printed in high resolution, on a both side laminated paper coated with silver or gold colored foil, you can easily scratch.


Protective tube.


Map dimension: 34cm by 24cm
Tube radius: 6.5cm, height: 26cm

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